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a young girl with a sword and a lightning in her hand is seen from behind by rocks while an arcoonr stands outdoors and lights shines below

Image Generation Data

UI Stable Diffusion A1111 (External link to GitHub)
Checkpoint Woafu
Additional LORA KVoidEnergy
Rage Unleashed
Prompt <lora:cyno:0.9>clos view of cyno (genshin impact),1boy, male focus,ears, heroic pose, serious, focused, proud, confident, weapon, holding weapon, polearm, staff, three quarters view, looking at viewer, desert sand, pyramid far away background, ((hot, sun, sunrays,lightnings,static electricity,wind)),
(dynamic, motion blur,epic,, heroic fantasy:1.4), best quality,sharp focus,(8k), (4k),(Masterpiece), (Best Quality), fantasy, extremely detailed, intricate, hyper detailed, (perfect face), <lora:r1ge - AnimeRage:0.3> r1ge,glowing, aura, energy, beam,(violet theme:1.2), <lora:kVoidEnergy:0.3> V0id3nergy
Negative prompt (lamp,deviant art, deviantart), pointy ears, BadDream, (((text,letters,watermark,signature,ideograms,username, twitter username,copyright))), (worst quality, low quality, ugly:1.4), poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn feet, poorly drawn face, out of frame, mutation, mutated, extra limbs, extra legs, extra arms, disfigured, deformed, cross-eye, blurry, (bad art, bad anatomy:1.4), blurred
Seed 108885125
CFG Scale 5.5
Generation size 768x432
Steps 45
Sampler DPM++ 2M SDE Karras
Hires size 1920x1080
Hires steps 45
Hires upscaler RealESRGAN_x4plus_anime_6B
Extensions Adetailer